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Thai ladies: Why western men prefer Thai ladies

A relationship is one of the many things that happen accidentally in the life of everyone; whether you are male or female. Well, if you ask western men who have had the opportunity of dating Thai ladies to make a comparison between the Thai ladies and the western ladies, the odds will always be in the favor of the former for many reasons – and they are mostly not just about beauty and facial looks but mostly about character and attitude. The answer you would get explains why western men are becoming increasingly interested in Thai ladies.

Inasmuch as most first relationships happen by accident – and in many instances with the girls in your vicinity – subsequently, you will unconsciously begin to make selections, picking out ladies with distinct characteristics irrespective of their location. If you ask men who have had several relationships with western ladies and Thai ladies, they will mostly tell you without mincing words that Thai ladies make better girlfriends.

This to some extent is tied to the Thai culture. Dating in the west is different in purpose and expectation to dating in the west and Thai women are groomed to respect their culture and abide by every aspect of it. Also, there are some traits men expect women to have which has been lost among western women but remain preserved among Thai ladies.


Top reasons why Thai ladies make better girlfriends

  • Guys often complain that girls complain a lot – even for very flimsy reasons. Thai ladies and western ladies have a clear difference in this regard. While it may appear as if western ladies are deliberately on the lookout for a reason to complain – and they will make a racket that may draw in the neighbors, Thai ladies, on the other hand, are more subtle in displaying their anger even when they have been badly hurt.
  • The rise in card-carrying feminism has become a serious issue for many western guys to handle. It is becoming harder for guys to play the boss in a relationship with a western girl. When you are dating Thai ladies, on the other hand, they will let you play the boss. They will let you do the planning and mostly tag along – this does not in any way mean that they are drones because they will surely bring up their interests sometimes but in a way that won't hurt your ego.
  • Western girls give more interest to their career than keeping a home and this is one of the major problems western men are having especially those who have a deep concern about the upbringing of their children. In this regards, Thai ladies make better housewives and would not mind keeping the home clean and making the dishes.
  • Thai ladies seem to smile over everything. This does not only make them more attractive but their lovely smile tends to ease tension from even the worst scenario. They are mostly optimistic and never think too badly of any situation. 
  • Unlike women who like to have it loud – many of them find it hard to keep their lips sealed for a minute – men prefer to be quiet most of the times and think about their life or ideas. Thai ladies are not as loud as the western ladies. They are quieter in behavior and western men find this attractive. 


thai lady


Top places to meet Thai ladies

Finding Thai ladies is not always as easy as finding western women because they are less traveled than western women. Western men that may not have the necessary resources to travel to Thailand may find an ample number of them using Thai dating website

This option would have been ruled out many years ago but recently, Thai ladies are becoming open to accepting online dating as this gives them the privilege to express themselves in a way they never could if they were to date physically. Website developers have also bought into this opportunity and today, there are lots of dating websites dedicated solely to Thai ladies. This is also a plus to western men who now have more than one option at their disposal. 


When traveling to Thailand to look for Thai ladies

  • The first place you should take your search to should be the shopping malls. It often seems as if the different shop segments hire the prettiest of ladies. Besides the workers, Thai ladies shop a lot and you will see them come and leave the shopping malls in their droves. Technically, this will increase your chance of finding a date.
  • If you want to date Thai ladies that are just nearly as fun loving as the western ladies, then you can take your search to the nightclubs. Girls get free entry into many of the nightclubs and they seize the opportunity. Thai ladies are suckers for guys that have a smart sense of dressing – guess that should give you a clue on what to wear. 
  • The night market is another great place where you can meet Thai ladies and make friends. Since the night market is on street corners, you will also see dozens of Thai ladies as they walk by and depending on how skillful you are, can start a conversation.
  • There are lots of tourist spots in Thailand where Thais go for a vacation like Khao Sok and Hua Hin. They visit these places and it could be a hot spot for you when you are looking for a friend or a date for the fact that it would be assumed that you both share a common interest.


Ways to make your search easier

Western men traveling to Thailand can make their search for Thai ladies to date easier if they, first of all, try to make friends with some of the Thai men. Thai men would be in a better position to recommend Thai ladies to you. They can also play a crucial role of acting like matchmakers which will make life easier for you.

Thailand has lots of festivals – some happening every week – and these festivals usually have lots of participants especially beautiful Thai girls. These sorts of nice and relaxing events will make it easy for you to hook up with one.