Thank you. I meet him

I was membership here since July 2014 after my heart was broken. Then my heart was getting healed from kindness from many good men on this site. There were some men trying to approach me sexually or scammer how try to ask for the money too. But I have chosen to look on the good side of the dating website. Then finally I found an American man who was new on this site. I send him first with my friendly message. It take just a few seconds he wrote me back with very kindness. And then we kept writing to each other a month. On things between us got more impressing and he have been very well understand in Thai culture. Then we show our face and talk by video call. After that he decided to visit me in Thailand and a few day together we decided to commit in serious relationship. I can not wait to meet him again in next visit and then we will plan for marriage soon. I wish any one here who are looking for partner or soul-mate will get success soon.

NidNoy and Math