Профиль: Bigbrownstallion

Имя: Seth

Я: Мужчина

Возраст: 42 лет

Страна: Сша, Южная Каролина, Greenville

Последний вход: 18 месяцев назад

Ищу: Женщину 18-45 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения


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Ученая степень:
Студент университета

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Нет, спасибо



I am a kind soul that is in search of a peaceful life with little stress as possible. I am a light skinned black man that is college educated. I am 6'2 stocky around 260 pounds. I used to play football in high school and college. I am looking for my perfect life partner someone I can grow old with. I think Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world. I am tired of western women that have lost the true meaning of life and love. I am searching for women in the East trying to find everlasting love.

Ищу: Женщину (Свободен) 18 - 45 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения

I am looking for a lady that is loyal first and far most. That said, she must also be a lady in public and carry herself with pride. She must try and be a positive person and look at the glass as being half full and not half empty. I need her to be able to express her feelings to me and be able to talk out our differences. I like a woman who will treat me like the King that I am and I will in turn treat her as my Queen. I want a woman who is not selfish and thinks of others. I like a woman that loves to be around her man looking into each others eyes and holding one another. I want a woman that I can go and get a manicure and a pediatric with. I want a woman that has family values. I want a woman that will let me enjoy her putting on her clothes because I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world! In closing I want a genuine woman that are not into games. I want a woman who is organized and working toward some goal in life besides coming to America. If I am describing you let's chat and get to know one another.


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