Профиль: Samik


Имя: Samik

Я: Мужчина

Возраст: 37 лет

Страна: Индия, Западная Бенгалия, Calcutta

Последняя активность: 38 месяцев назад

Ищу: Женщину 18-90 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения



Бенгальский, Английский, Индусский

194 см

55 кг


Цвет волос:

Длина волос:

Цвет глаз:

Этническое происхождение:

Ученая степень:
Студент университета


более 1.000.000 ฿/год


Семейное положение:

Хочу иметь детей

Отношение к курению:
Иногда курю

Отношение к алкоголю:

Знак гороскопа:

***If real serious and interested profile of an educated lady wants to go ahead with me rest of the life.. Serious profile have to contact me if real serious to spend lifetime commitment with me till my death **** A successful marriage requires a mix of Compatibility, Chemistry, Commitment, Community,Communication and Compassion. Whenever you find me wrong, bad or rude at any point of time, at least tell me once before telling the whole world. Date Of birth---05/051981;Place---Kolkata; Time---16:25 hours(Approximate Time). A TRUE RELATIONSHIP is someone who accepts your PAST...... Support your PRESENT.... Love you and encourages your FUTURE... My name is Samik De. We are four of us in the family, that is mine parents, younger brother and myself. At the present, I am residing with my mother. My mother is a dancer and she runs a classical dance school at our home. My father is employed with I.F.F.D.C. In New Delhi. My younger brother is working in the UNITED KINGDOM. Father is a Consultant after retirement (M.COM, M.L.L.B., C.A, C.S.). My mother is a Housewife with Teaching Professional of Indian Classical Cultural of Song and Dance (M.A. Economics). Now-a-days my mom is free from taking care of me and my brother because we are able to earn and looking after so she is having lots of free time. She used practice Indian Classical Cultural of Song and Dance. My Younger Brother is a gold medalist of an architecture. He completed his Master in Urban Design of Architecture from Oxford Brooks, London, U. K...Currently he is also pursuing Business of Paintings & works for an Architectural firm. I like to meet different kinds of people. Life in villages is very attracted to me. I like to learn about the cultures of people belonging to different places, and specially interested in learning about their cuisine. Also about the various customs they follow, I find it refreshing to interact with people who live in totally different environment. I have a special interest in cooking and baking. Besides cooking, gardening is another interest of mine. From mine childhood I have watched my mother rearing plants on my terrace, I have always helped her. Now, I do the gardening myself. I am interested in colourful flowers and grow seasonal flower like petonias and dhalias. There is a section in my terrace reserved only for roses. And during the off season my crotons keep me busy. Sometimes I love to play computer games. Regarding my educational qualifications -- I have studied at Assembly of God Church High School. I graduated in BBA(Hons) in Hospitality & Tourism Management from I.I.A.S.- School of Management, under Viswa-Bharati University. I want to spend few days of my life to know her then I will start my marriage proceedings with her family members, not before have complete accrued knowledge or awareness of both side of the family and details before engage into life time responsibility to stay& die together. My Personality:- Simple, Romantic, Soft & Brave. I am a bakery chef love to bakes confectionery items and sells the products like chocolates and other items.. I also run manpower consulting services which provides solutions towards hotel, hospitals, airports, corporate offices... I am hospitality and tourism management graduate where we used to get the overall knowledge in the depth of cooking, Housekeeping, maintenance & hospitality towards a guests of a hotel or at the Airport and other related industry where we have to serve 24 x 7 hours a day. I also decorated the house with those plants and I would love to meet friends to spend a health times in watching movies in halls and then having lunch and dinner in a specialty restaurants. I am person who is quite reasonable in approach towards life with a mix of seriousness & humor, has a deeper understanding of things. I strongly against of Divorce, Dowry & Deceptions like engagements. I am fully aware of all kinds of engagements of life. I am loyal, loving, caring,family-oriented,respects relationships, respectful person having great sense of Humor. I can love with 100% of my true ROMANTIC MIND. In my life I had friends so I have enough knowledge how to upkeep happiness of a women about food, beverage,travel spots for taking out, ornaments, dress, gifts and etc... I am well organised in my life and I am eager to tell an interested or willing woman to marry me. Long Term Goals:- To have a Growth of my company, To have a wife who have a beauty of natural instinct from inside and outside of her body and mind. To have eternal romantic love life till I die.

Ищу: Женщину (Свободен) 18 - 90 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения

Страна: Все

Язык: Все

Национальность: Все

Этническое происхождение: Азиат, Араб, Другая, Европеец, Индиец, Испанец

Ученая степень: Выучившийся самостоятельно, Студент университета, Ученик колледжа

Отношение к курению: Иногда курю, Я курю

Отношение к алкоголю: Иногда, По важному случаю, Я люблю алкогольные напитки

Partner Expectation:- There is no shame if my partner having a habit of smoking and drinking but she should respect family members...She can smoke and drink when she is with me but not in front of my parents or grand parents.. Highly Educated belong from a good cultured family & eagerness to have career growth in life. Can solve any kind of situations, Who can be mix easily in social engagements?, Who can take part in any kinds of Cultural activities?, She should be having a romantic in mind to have babies and to love me blindly. She should give me time and share every little things with ME ONLY but NOT with any one else.. I can marry anyone from any religious background. I am going to settle at U.K. OR U.S.A. OR CANADA depending upon my business...













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