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Enjoy life to its fullest. Exploring Asia.

Имя: Hebat

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Английский, Голландский, Тайский

I noticed that I have to change my description a bit since many of the visitors here think I am a Thai person (not a bad thing though).
However, I'm from Europe (Yes I am from Europe) love to travel. Love South East Asia.

I thought I would make things easier because I don't think people would immediately think I am from Europe but still.
I've traveled to almost every South East Asian country and basically every where I go locals believe I am one of them and start to speak their language to me which is quite funny.

Note: Don't judge a book by its cover. Because I look Thai/Chinese/Singaporean etc doesn't mean I am one.

Ищу: Женщину (Свободен) 18 - 90 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения


Thika - 25-11-2017