Profil: Jetsadakron

Prénom: kaoz

Je suis un(e): Homme

Âge: 23 ans

Pays: Thaïlande, Phitsanulok

Dernière active: il y a 31 mois

Je recherche : Homme 18-90 an

pour: Amitié, Marriage, Romance, Relation sérieuse


Good care of care
Humor make others feel good
Jokes The cheeky little gesture will help fill color to the people around you feel better, not less. I believe that If people around you smile or laugh at what you do to him what it is. You will be happy as well. And remember to smile, too. This world is bright with a smile. Moreover, Thailand is the land of smiles anyway. Smile to the fullest I come from the heart Found it would be happy and smile as you go with it.

Je recherche : Homme (Célibataire) 18 - 90 an

pour: Amitié, Marriage, Romance, Relation sérieuse

Poids: 70 kg - 80 kg

Taille: 179 cm - 191 cm

Pays: Norvège, France, Suède, États-Unis, Australie, Argentine, Uruguay, Danemark, Pays-Bas, Mexique, Allemagne, Portugal

Nationalité: Argentinian, Belgian, Belizean, Canadian, New Zealander

Take Care of goog care