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Thailand in 2020

Prénom: Greg

Je suis un(e): Homme

Âge: 48 ans

Pays: États-Unis, California, Upland

Dernière active: il y a 4 mois

Je recherche : Femme 24-43 an

pour: Amitié, Romance



179 cm

95 kg



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College student


De 750.000 à 1.000.000 ฿/an


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Aucun Enfants

Habitude du tabac:
Je ne fume pas

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Occasions sociales


To be clear, I am NOT looking for anything serious and I am NOT looking for marriage.

I plan to visit Thailand in 2020. I am looking to make friends now. I am looking for someone that is kind, open-minded, easy going and fun.

I almost never take vacations and I have never been to Asia. I am looking for this future trip to be nothing but sheer fun and relaxation!

If you think you would like to spend some time with me when I visit, then please send me a message or flirt. We can chat, get to know each other and see if we are compatible to spend time together or not.

I am NOT looking for a bar girl or prostitute, but at the same time, I can help out a little with expenses if you miss work to spend time with me.


Je recherche : Femme 24 - 43 an

pour: Amitié, Romance

Taille: 140 cm - 170 cm

Pays: Thaïlande

Langues: English

Habitude du tabac: Je ne fume pas

Habitude de l'alcool: Occasions sociales

There are so many here looking for relationships and I do feel a little bad that I am not in a position to start one now. I can, however, make it easier for you to see if we would match up in the future. Even if I am not ready to start anything serious, I can still share things that I would look for in a match for me.

Of course, I would look for someone with a good personality! Someone who is a positive and happy person. Not a negative or sad person. I would hope you would have a bubbly personality, or more expressive when you talk. I would hope she will be outgoing, but not a lot! I like to stay home on some days, and go out on other days.

I like to watch TV, so I would want someone that can cuddle with me while we watch. That also means that we should match on the types of TV programs so we don’t fight! LOL! I like action, mystery, crime, sci-fi or science fiction, news shows. Oh, I do like some anime, but I don’t watch anime very much. If you like anime, ask me what series I have watched….

I love the movies. Sometimes I wish I was a movie critic or working in the industry creating stories. LOL! I enjoy watching movies while I workout at home, but I prefer to watch them at the movie theater. Again, I would hope we match on the kind of movies we like to watch.

Music is important to me. A good song can change your mood, make you more happy or excited. I like a good beat. My favorite are the metal hair bands of the 80’s, but I like rock, pop, and dance music. I am not into slow music, although there are some slow songs with a good beat to them.

You don’t have to be a neat freak, but I do like a house that is clean and in order! If I take something out, I put it back. I always try to put my things in the same spot, so it will be easy to find. If you are a messy person, we will not match.
If you are angry, upset or frustrated, then you can talk with me. If you yell, or be mean because you are not happy, then we are not a good match. Being in a bad mood is not an excuse to treat others badly. We are supposed to be adults, and be able to communicate by talking. If you need to release some aggression, then go for a work out! Speaking of working out…

Please try to be in shape! This is something I fail at now and then. It is very hard for me, to balance work, doing things in life and staying fit. I gain weight, I lose weight. I would really like to be more stable and be in better shape than I am in. Eating is a problem for me. I do not eat enough healthy foods. I think I will need help with this! LOL! I hope my future partner stretches, and works out. Personally, I enjoy lifting weights and hiking. I would like in the future, to have some equipment at home so I can work out while I watch TV.

Ok, so now I will talk about three things that you normally do not talk with strangers about! These are things that can offend because people have very strong opinions about them. Religion, Politics and Sex!

Religion. I really believe, for the most part, that religion was used to control people. Look back in history, and if you study it, I think you will see this is true. For the most part, I have been disappointed by religion. It is very old (duh!) and does not adapt to current times. I would want religion to be kind, forgiving, nurturing and guiding. However, most all religion has cruel punishments and is against things that are culturally acceptable today. I will say I am spiritual, as I would like to believe in the positive view. I don’t hang to any one religion, but I really like the ideas of Buda (although I have not studied it). Treat others like you would like to be treated. Be kind and kind things happen to you.

Politics. In my country there are two main political parties. Republicans and Democrats. There are many other political parties, but they are minor. If any one becomes more popular, they take away from one of the other two main parties. There are many difference between the two main parties. Republicans believe in less government, to let people do what they want. Democrats believe in having more government oversight, to regulate things. While I don’t like red tape, and having so many checks and balances to get things done, self regulation is not the way to go (for me). When people do their own thing instead of following guidelines, they usually make things worse. Republicans typically want to reduce taxes for the more wealthy while Democrats want the rich to pay more taxes. That is difficult for me. As I make more money, more is taken away from me! LOL! Republicans typically want to go by Christian beliefs, are against gays and believe women should be in the house. Democrats are more progressive and believe everyone has rights. When it comes to politics, I try not to pick a side. I try to see which candidate will be better, but I typically side with the Democrats.

Sex. Sex is one part of a relationship. Many people want to avoid talking or doing anything about sex until they have already committed to a relationship. This does not make sense for me. If you want a partner, you have to see all sides before you make a choice. I am very open-minded when it comes to sex. There is a phrase. A woman in the street and a freak in the sheets! This means that in public, you are proper and show etiquette. In private, you are very sexual. If you are not bisexual, then we will not match, (I am straight). If you never masturbate on your own, we will not match. If you do not love oral sex, we will not match. If you don’t want to explore different sex, then we are not a match.

So there you are. Not complete, but a better idea of who I am. I am not perfect. I do not expect you to be perfect. Again, I am not ready right now for a relationship, but at least you now have a better idea of how we might match up.








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Cool.....i felt bad im not in ur age range...