Online Perfil: Niels

Nombre: you-like-sex-and-true-love

Soy: Hombre

Edad: 52 años de edad

Pais: Thailand, Chumphon

Ultima conexion: Hace 4 minutos

Buscando: Mujer 18-50 años de edad

para: Amistad, Romance, Relación seria


I'm looking for a sweet woman between 20 and 60 years of age does not matter in a love relationship.

You are slim, sweet, nice and have a good mood and is always happy

You love nature, beach, big bike, romance, sex and a good life

The age does not matter, so I will not write my age, you can see if you thought of me from my photo and even judge myself. I is between 18 and 60 years.

Buscando: Mujer (Single) 18 - 50 años de edad

para: Amistad, Romance, Relación seria

I want true love




Nadacha - 11-09-2017


Sootiluk - 17-08-2017

Thanks for your kiss

gigis1972 - 09-08-2017

Omg! You want lady to be this,to be that!how about you? Do you can be all what you're writ down for the woman to? The truth is all the women can be happy or not. It depends on a guys. How you treat your woman
For me I can't be that happy if I be with a shit man lol

Naragran - 19-07-2017

Thanks for kiss

Maleya_na - 12-07-2017


Myday - 17-10-2016

Thank you for kiss

Giggiggig - 08-08-2015

Hi I have Line