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Smile and the whole world will smile with you!

Name: memyselfandi80

Ich bin: Mann

Alter: 38 Jahre alt

Land: Großbritannien, Humberside

Letzte aktive: Vor 77 Monaten

Suche nach: Frau 18-80 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung



146 cm

35 kg

Hi my name’s Nathan and I am 32 years old. I don't like false or pretentious people.. I am down to earth and try to look at things from everyone’s point of view and understand people because we are all so different and that’s what makes life so interesting and diverse. I have worked as a Support/Youth worker so have had to listen to a lot of people’s problems which was a very rewarding job. I like to have a small group of real good friends rather than lots of hangers on. I’d prefer to invest my time in like minded people and think that only way to have strong friendships is to work at them and support each other through the good times and the bad.. I am quite a deep thinker but I can be very silly and crazy too. Looking for someone who can make me laugh out loud but also has a sensitive and caring side! Life is a journey not a script and you must try to enjoy the good times and be strong when life gets tough... I am sometimes crazy sometimes thoughtful sometimes naughty love my family and close friends they are my rock! If u think I am interesting or your type just send me a message and we can take it from their... Nathan x

Suche nach: Frau 18 - 80 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung



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