Profil: Johnked

Name: john kedzierski

Ich bin: Mann

Alter: 40 Jahre alt

Land: Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, California, East Los Angeles

Letzte aktive: Vor 32 Monaten

Suche nach: Frau 18-90 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung



Deutsch, Englisch, Englisch

Suche nach: Frau (Single) 18 - 90 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung

I'm a fun, happy, grateful, classy and attractive guy. The stats: never married, 5'11ft. soldier by profession, I try to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am outgoing and I enjoy the great outdoors. I also enjoy the solitude of my cozy apartment. My workouts consist of doing the Santa Monica stairs, running on the beach, hiking the local mountains, doing yoga or a little weight training at the gym. I love my life. I love sports, whichever one is in season. I enjoy my time with my dog and love to do all the good things. I do my best to be spiritual and I try to treat people like they would like to be treated. I am self-supporting and responsible. I love to travel all over the world. I've been fortunate enough to see a few countries, yet there are many other places I'd like to visit or return to. I try to enjoy life today, for who knows what tomorrow may bring. I don't like drama. I try to keep things simple and try to live a balanced life. Work is great and I love my job. I have an opportunity to help people and to be of service to the community I live in. I am grateful for the life I have today, am free to chat on Y.A.H.O.O with johnkedzierski1 but pray for that special someone so that I can share my good life with her



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