Mein Profil: Cromack

Name: Cromack

Ich bin: Mann

Alter: 64 Jahre alt

Land: Singapur

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Suche nach: Frau 60-90 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung


I consider myself extremely passionate about life and relationships. I'm energetic, fun, romantic, and confident. I am a man of contradictions; passionate and intense, yet at the same time very laid back. Some would describe me as conservative, while at the same time they would be completely shocked if they only knew. I am one that is hard to figure out, but I am looking for someone willing to invest the time into trying.

Suche nach: Frau (Single) 60 - 90 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung

Gewicht: Alle

Grösse: Alle

The woman I am looking for is intelligent, funny and warm. Someone who is looking for a serious, passionate, mature adult relationship that will lead to marriage. I am interested in a woman who has identified her strengths and weaknesses, and is striving to be the best human being she possibly can be.








Luckydream - 12-07-2015

hi how are you? im from Thailand want know with you Add me on Skype id Luckydream692